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646f9e108c To uncover the secrets of his dead father's haunted mansion in order to find portals to other dimension like hell and heaven and stop a demon from taking over the world, Adam Randall has to solve puzzles and kill monsters. Or does he?
Adam Randall's father may be dead, but his soul is trapped in this mysterious, spooky old mansion. The mansion is full of scary monsters and a mysterious evil entity. Plenty of interesting puzzles abound. You play as Adam. You must save your father's soul, and as it turns out, the world from evil.
I play this game exactly after I watch the trailer in old magazine advertise CD…<br/><br/>The is very interesting and dark atmospheric (missing in nowadays games/movies). The game is set somewhere in the middle of the &#39;90 in the spooky mysterious mansion. You play as Adam Randell and your quest is to free the soul of your death trapped father.<br/><br/>The look of the game is doom-like, but very different type of game. A lot of a action, various puzzles, quests, mazes and many more interesting locations and characters are presented in this old classic game.<br/><br/>The game will run only on Windows 98 and there is no patch for Windows XP.
Found a copy in a bargain bin sale of this old time classic. I played it with dosbox on a vista machine without any issues. It&#39;s graphically dated heavily, but what do you expect for a 12 year old game! The game is a FPS/Adventure game hybrid. It&#39;s what I call pseudo 3D, you can&#39;t look up or down, just spin in 360 (think Wolf3D). Game play can get tricky with a very limited supply of health pots, and a somewhat average interface (Tip: Press I), but on the whole it&#39;s passable.<br/><br/>One main strength of the game is the mood. There game heavily uses full motion video, and whilst the acting is b-grade and the plot is very choppy, the game as a whole feels genuinely creepy. It also does a good job of making you question the &#39;good guys&#39;. Are they really helping, or are they just waiting to stab you in the back? The other major selling point is the games length. There are from memory 18 chapters, which range in game play time from 10minutes to, potentially, hours. My first play through took me a week with some serious devotion of time.<br/><br/>Dated, yes, but if you missed this years ago and can find it for $5, give it a look. Cheaper than a movie, and more entertaining than most movies.

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