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Gunsmith Cats Movie Mp4 Download

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646f9e108c Rally Vincent and Minnie May Hopkins are just a pair of gun shop owners who do a bit of bounty hunting to make ends meet when a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms agent comes to them. Using the threat of arresting them for their lack of a retail license for their merchandise and the resulting unpaid taxes, he forces them to agree to cooperate in a sting to break a gun running ring. They have an initial success, but that brings new problems as the ring's leader brings in a merciless assassin to eliminate these new enemies. It will take all their skill, allies and some luck to come out this crisis alive.
Two gun store owners/bounty hunters are forced to get involved in a gun running case that gets them targeted by a ruthless assassin.
Gunsmith Cats the OAV is based on Sonoda Kenichi's manga series, but is even better. Rally Vincent has a penchant for guns; her partner Minnie May Hopkins takes a liking to bombs. Rally runs a gun store and is approached by the ATF to cooperate with them on a sting. After being blackmailed into it because of a lack of a gun license, Rally and May get involved in a government conspiracy and pursued by a Russian assassin (who is, in my opinion, one of the greatest anime characters ever). The animation is not the greatest but well done, the voice actors are excellent (featuring Araki Kae in her only good role), the plot is engaging (though the ending wasn't stellar), the characters are very believable, and the music compliments the series perfectly. If you like action series or good anime, this is a must.
This is one awesome series, despite only three episodes. As much as I like girls with guns (especially in anime), grenades added to this made me want to see it, and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed it. One thing about this series is the action. The car chase in episode 2 is mind-blowing and has to be seen to be believed. Also, it takes place in Chicago, not any old Japanese city! My only complaint is the lack of comedy on episodes 2 and 3. But overall, it's an awesome series and brilliant action helps the show go along! If you're into girls with guns (and the added grenades) and a good laugh, then check it out. If not, go see something else!

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